What’s with Wheat?

Something that made a massive impact on my health was removing wheat from my diet. Our wheat is drenched in Glyphosate (the active ingredient in Round Up) and research is now beginning to show it’s having a devastating effect on our gut health, leads to autoimmune diseases, and even causes cancer.


6 Weeks no WHEAT Program

This program is perfect for you if you want to remove wheat from your diet but don’t know where to start, you suffer from headaches, bloating, foggy brain or you just want to be healthier. This online ‘6 Weeks No Wheat’ Program will guide you to a healthier life.

Each week you will be educated on what you can eat, what you need to look for and how to make lifestyle changes. You will also be supplied a weekly meal plan with easy and delicious recipes to prepare.


What’s with Wheat MOVIE - Digital Download

The “What’s With Wheat” documentary is a confronting, eye opening must watch for anyone who is concerned about the foods they consume.