Hi, I'm Bec, a Certified Functional Nutrition Coach, smartDNA Practitioner and Aussie mum. I created Real Food Revival because I believe everyone should be eating less processed food in favour of foods that have had little human intervention, as nature intended. I feel everyone has a right to know what is in the food they are eating so they can make informed choices, heal their bodies and be their most vibrant selves. Eating organic, whole foods leads to healthier children with less behavioural problems and happier families with less health issues.

I believe there is another option to living the busy, exhausted and toxic lives many of us lead - we can live a life full of purpose and presence, actually living in the moment and being the happiest and healthiest we can be. I believe in more than just the status quo and mediocracy.

I believe life should be full of amazing, blissful moments. We should be waking up feeling energetic, inspired and excited to start the day (not with endless to do lists and stress about how we are going to achieve it all).

I believe in community. Friendship. Laughter. Support. I believe in being inspired by those around me and in helping each other out.

I believe that when we have the balance right – nutrition, health, wellness, fitness and soulful friendships that our lives just flow and are easier, more peaceful and our mind and body are so much healthier.

I believe that to do this we are in desperate need of a REAL FOOD REVIVAL.