How it all began…


Hi, I'm Bec, an Aussie mum who is striving to change the crazy busy, toxic life we are living for a more happier, healthier and simplistic one. 

Like many mums I was caught up in the grind of everyday life, highly stressed trying to bring up two very active children and never taking any time for myself. Life seemed to be one big whirlwind that flashed by as I silently struggled and wondered if this was all there was as I rushed my daughter to gymnastics and my son to cubs, my head caught up in my never ending to-do-list and planning where I had to rush off to next. 

That was until it all caught up with me, and I hit rock bottom. I was so unhappy and  felt I never had time to do anything that I wanted to do, I felt trapped and a slave to my families needs, I was miserable and my health began to suffer. I developed asthma almost overnight, I struggled with constant sinus headaches and congestion and I always felt tired and unwell. I visited GP's, specialists, a naturopath and a chiropractor. It was then that I realised I was going to have to be the change if my life was ever going to get better. 

I started reading and listening to podcasts, soaking up as much information as I could find. I began doing yoga every morning, meditating for 10 minutes a day and prioritising little things that would make me smile - gardening, having a bath, reading a book in the sun. I decided to learn as much as I could about nutrition and health and switched to eating mostly organic wholefoods.

And slowly I felt more lit up, more vibrant and my life that had been so black and white was suddenly filled with bright colour. The more I read and learnt the more I realised I needed to share it, as so many people seem to be unhappy and stuck in the rut of life, struggling with health problems such as arthritis, diabetes,  thryoid problems, cealiacs disease and other gut issues. I studied functional nutrition so I could help others to realise their full potential and be healthy and happy too. I don't pretend to live a perfect life and I am still working on my health and wellness but I have come so far and can see that to help heal illness and live happier lives we are in desperate need of a REAL FOOD REVIVAL.