The need for a real food revival


Our ancestors had a much slower pace of life, ate simpler whole foods and were more active due to the physical demanding nature of life without technology. Now, 200 years later,we live fast paced highly stressed lives, often don't exercise enough and eat foods laced with chemicals and additives which is having a disastrous impact on our health. 

No longer do we get our food from the local farmer and are restricted to seasonal variation as globalisation has meant we can consume what we want and when we want it. Due to both the industrial and chemical revolutions we have become unaware of the origins of our food and the dangerous concoction of chemicals that are contained within it. So what exactly are we eating? I will be exploring this in detail in future posts but just as an overview:

  • Growth hormones and antibiotics in meat and eggs which have been linked to hormone-dependent cancers and metabolic issues.

  • Pesticides, insecticides, fungicides and herbicides in our fruit and vegies - Just as an example in Australia over 410 insecticides, 220 fungicides and 900 herbicides have been approved for use on apples alone. In Australia apple growers are also allowed to use a sun repellent which contains a known carcinogen (cancer causing) that has been banned in Europe.

  • Glyphosate (the active ingredient in Round Up) which our wheat is drenched in and which research is now beginning to show is having a devastating effect on our gut health, leads to autoimmune diseases, and even causes cancer.

  • Food additives - taste enhancers, antioxidants, preservatives, stabilisers, emulsifiers and colouring agents which have been found to cause allergies, affect our metabolism and contribute to cancer.

  • genetically modified foods - there are now many concerns with our consumption of these foods -one being that the foreign genes that have been inserted to genetically modify these foods may actually be switching on or off genes in our bodies which normally wouldn't be affected (for example turning on the gene for cancer).

30 years ago when you ate a meat pie it probably wasn't too bad for you - it would have had butter in the pastry, wheat that hadn't been tampered with and meat and gravy that actually contained real ingredients. Today those ingredients have been replaced with cheaper alternatives such as hydrogenated oils, hybridised wheat laced with the chemical glyphosate, 'meat' and a gravy that is more chemicals than actual food. 

We only need to look around us at our friends, colleagues and neighbours to see that this has had massive consequences on our health. How many people 20 years ago did you know with coeliacs disease? How many children did you know with ADHD? And how many people did you know with gut issues, autoimmune diseases and diabetes. I know if I look back 20 years I barely knew anyone with these issues, yet when I look around now it seems like every second person I speak to has some kind of health issue. 

Something needs to change and fast. It's time we start to take notice of what is happening around us and begin to look after ourselves. It's time we went back to simpler, cleaner and healthier food and start cooking from 'scratch' again. It's time to stop eating empty calorie, chemical laden foods and begin nourishing our bodies with the cleanest fresh fruit and vegetables and wholefoods we can find. It is time to realise we only get one body and if we want to live the longest, healthiest life possible then we have to start NOW. 

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